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Providing food, shelter, education, self-help programs, and emergency relief to meet unreached needs.

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RI is a volunteer-led organization in which we rely on volunteers to fulfill our mission.  Get connected today!

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Economic Development

RI uses an economic development model using various markets to positively impact the environmental and social dimensions.


Remedy’s goal is to provide education that aids in the transformation of individuals and their communities.

Emergency Response

RI aims to respond and provide emergency relief aid to the severely disadvantaged.

Service Funding

On a need basis, Remedy may fund individuals and groups to engage in volunteer trips to various locations.

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Welcome To Remedy International!


Through compassion, resources, and community action, Remedy International reaches back to meet the needs of the unreached.

We have all felt unreached, but here at Remedy International, we hope you will reach back too! By subscribing to our YouTube Channel, Blogs, and Social Media Sites, you will have the opportunity to stay connected as we continue making a positive transformation.

We need help to reach our goal of $100,000. Help make a donation today!


Remedy International, Inc. is passionate about positively impacting the community through thoughtful and informed decisions that encourage individuals to transform their lives in an effort to empower them to transform their communities. Their commitment to providing basic life skills and professional development courses for our youth is setting an unbelievable trend. Lives are definitely being touched and transformed!

Sandra Williams, Executive Director, Discovery Home Care Inc.

I love the vision of Remedy International, and it’s commitment to loving people compassionately. It is definitely making milestones within communities worldwide, and it is a great resource.

Joy Anderson, Educator, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Remedy International is a knowledge-based, research-oriented, global minded non-profit organization with a strong commitment to play an integral and vital role in improving, impacting, and sustaining the existential plight of poor and marginalized people throughout the world. Engaging and elevating the livelihoods of indigent and excluded people globally through an action based approach lies at the core of its existence and purpose.This is a great organization, doing a great work. I recommend that you partner with and financially assist Remedy International in its ongoing effort to alleviate human suffering, enhance the quality of life, and provide hope for people all over the world who are victims of tough and unavoidable circumstances. I encourage you to do as I have done…choose to make a difference!

Neil Brown, Vice President, Smith & Brown Transport Solutions