About Us

Who is Remedy International?

Remedy International, Inc. is a registered, charitable non-profit organization that provides food, shelter, education, self-help programs, and emergency relief in an effort to meet the unreached needs of the local and global community.

Our Mission

Remedy International exists to provide and fund service endeavors to meet the unreached needs of the local and global community through the mobilization of resources and compassionate support.

Our Vision

To foster a world of hope as a compassionately driven organization that is internationally recognized as a source of funding and service for unreached needs across the globe.


Independent of political, commercial, military, ethnic or religious objectives, Remedy promotes the protection of humanitarian space.  We provide assistance on the basis of need, regardless of race, creed, or nationality to meet the unreached needs of vulnerable individuals and/or groups.

Remedy’s principles are aligned with those of many other humanitarian organizations and include:.

  • Promote empowerment
  • Work in partnership with others
  • Ensure accountability and promote responsibility
  • Seek culturally sustainable solutions