Campaigns and initiatives are at the forefront of what Remedy International represents and what the organization seeks to become. By serving the local and global community, Remedy will be better able to aid those individuals in need.



Remedy International uses an economic development model using various stages and/or markets to positively impact the environmental and social dimensions on both a local and global scale.



Remedy’s goal is to provide education that aids in the revolution of individuals and their families. We desire to positively impact the community through thoughtful and informed decisions that will enable individuals to transform their lives and to empower them to reform their communities.



We aim to respond and provide emergency relief aid to the severely disadvantaged that are affected by either a lack of existing community resources due to limited funding and support programs. Remedy International operates and focuses its resources, locally and globally to communities who meet the need base criteria regardless of their geographical location.



On a need basis, Remedy International may fund individuals and groups to engage in volunteer trips to various locations. These trips may be focused solely on offering volunteer efforts to help alleviate the strain of economic, social, or health disadvantages in communities locally or internationally. The focus of each trip will be determined by the volunteers or specific group with approval from the organization to ensure that Remedy International’s charitable goals and purposes are met.