Core Values

Our Core Values


As an organization created for the cultivation, maintenance, and enrichment of healthy relationships, we pledge to maintain INTEGRITY in all that we do. We strive for EXCELLENCE not only in our passionate pursuit of the overall vision of Remedy, but also by making sure that we are careful and attentive in meeting and addressing the needs that concern individuals and communities. Our COMPASSION for serving people is the catalyst that empowers us.

We collaborate with both individuals and community while pursuing hope as not only our guide, but our ultimate destination. Faithful and steadfast STEWARDSHIP guides our use of time and finances while INNOVATION creates unchartered paths for strategic use of our resources. In all of our actions, we commit to cultivating a culture of INCLUSIVITY as we embrace diversity. Our belief in the healing power of human relatedness leads to ADVOCACY on behalf of those whose voices have yet to be individually claimed or collectively heard. These core values culminate to form the substance, style, and essence of Remedy ultimately manifesting in a love and appreciation for all humankind.