Our History

As I reflect on my life’s journey, I’ve always had the keen sense of knowing that my life’s purpose was much greater than my present circumstance.  Positioned in a homeless situation, in need of help, wanting help, but ultimately finding myself both isolated and alone reeling from the sting and shame of abandonment, it was in this moment of finding myself at my wits end that I was able to gain a better understanding of love and grace for myself and others.  I had arrived at a defining moment that left me with two concrete choices:  to give up and quit, or to gravitate towards an inward hope much bigger than my despair and present reality.

This earth-shattering existential question resonated in what I consider the darkest moment of my life that caused me to look past my present circumstance.  It was in this instance that I realized that those difficult and traumatic experiences in my life have ultimately shaped the meaning and mission for my existence:  to love and serve people, build and cultivate relationships, and to help those in need.  With newly found fortitude, reinvigorated hope, and renewed faith, the vision of Remedy International was birthed and materialized in an effort to connect with those who have been forsaken, to inspire hope in the hopeless, and develop culturally sustainable solutions to enhance their current state by contributing to the well-being of humanity.

Therefore, I have committed my life to developing and making a measurable impact in connecting with the unreached through an action based approach driven through love, compassion and research.

Hence, I am thrilled to see what is currently unfolding thus far through “Remedy,” and would be honored to have you to get connected in this endeavor.  I firmly believe that with the passion and resources of people who share the burden of reaching, connecting, and engaging those with unreached needs, great things will continue to unfold through Remedy International.</span>

Consuela A. Hall, Founder & President