How We Work

The Five Pillars represent the organizational component of Remedy International, and how the organization plans to use its resources to provide solutions for individuals both locally and globally.

PEOPLE are the core and heart of this organization.  Our individuality and collective humanity allows us to form diverse relationships on the principles of compassion and service.


SERVICE & QUALITY is the cornerstone of the organization’s mission.  Remedy promises to provide ideal outcomes and to deliver outstanding service.  Remedy’s attention to detail enhances its ability to serve and respond with compassion to the needs of the community.


KNOWLEDGE facilitates dialogue.  Education leads to greater understanding and opens a pathway towards transformation.  Remedy provides individuals with the tools to create and make lasting changes within the course of their lifetime.  Through varied research practices, Remedy offers a stage for personal and shared growth on local and global levels through media interviews and public lectures.


RESEARCH & INNOVATION drives Remedy’s vision because without this component, Remedy would not be able to provide the strategies and skill base needed to meet the needs of its people.   Through analyzing and evaluating life situations, Remedy provides a unique understanding and perspective through compassionate care to not only listen to the needs presented, but to also find culturally appropriate responses and solutions to the needs that arise.


FINANCIAL STRENGTH is the backbone for success.  Through financial support and donations, Remedy has been afforded the opportunity to fund activities and initiatives motivated by research to ensure that the whole individual is able to thrive despite his and/her past circumstance(s).